The treatments that we offer

All dental care is carried out in modern well equipped surgeries by very experienced staff using only high quality materials. We have high infection control standards and a dedicated decontamination and sterilising room.

Our first priority is the prevention of dental disease. All ages can benefit from regular visits to our Hygienist for help and advice with daily cleaning. Children will also benefit from regular fluoride application and preventive resin sealants.


We offer a wide range of treatments including:

Examination and x-rays

Scale and polish including oral hygiene and diet advice

White Fillings

Root canal treatment


Bridges to replace missing teeth

Dentures – plastic, metal or flexible



Invisible braces


Sports mouthguards

Not all treatments are appropriate for every patient and are conditional on a full examination.

Some more complex surgical and implant treatments may require referral to a specialist for part of the treatment plan.

Please contact us to book a new patient consultation, for adults this is £66.50

We may need to take x-rays but we will only charge for the first three required.

For children our consultation fee is £33.25.