Tooth knocked out

If an adult tooth is knocked out contact us immediately, replacing the tooth within an hour gives the best chance of survival.

Holding the tooth by the crown rinse the root under cold water for ten seconds- do not rub or touch the root.

The tooth needs to be kept moist, this can be done by holding it in your mouth between your cheek and gum (not recommended for young children), or put it in a clean container and cover with cold milk.

Baby teeth cannot be reinserted, but please see us so we can check that no tooth is left.

Dental pain

It is always best to see us to check your teeth if you experience pain. In an emergency we recommend Ibuprofen (unless asthmatic, pregnant or sensitive to it) and Paracetamol. If you have swelling which affects breathing or swallowing you should go to A&E immediately.

Broken Tooth

Teeth can break through trauma or eating unexpected hard food, sometimes and old filling may break and fall out. This often leaves a sharp edge that can cut the soft tissues of the mouth. We can usually make you comfortable quickly by smoothing any sharp edges or placing a temporary filling.

Broken Denture

If your denture breaks we can arrange to have it repaired for you, this usually takes 24 hours. If you do not have a spare or cannot see us quickly you may be able to temporarily repair a plastic denture with heavy-duty super glue (cyanoacrylate). Be very careful to position the broken parts together correctly and ensure the glue is dry before wearing.

Tooth knocked out of place

If you can push the tooth back into position with gentle finger pressure and ring us for an appointment as soon as possible.



There are marked un-metered parking bays in the village close to the practice

Public transport

We are ideally situated with Sturry railway station and a bus stop within 400 meters


Our patients regularly use Longley’s Taxis 01227 710777 and we are happy to recommend them.

Disability access

We have two downstairs surgeries with easy wheel chair access.

There is a step down into reception, however appointments and payments can be made in the surgery.

We can arrange appointment times to allow you to come straight into the surgery without waiting.

Our toilet facilities are upstairs, however there are public toilets close to the railway station less than 400 meters away.

Looking after your Child’s Teeth

Getting started

10 months to 3 years

You can start brushing your child’s teeth as soon as they appear.

Use a baby tooth brush, this should have a small head with soft bristles, and an adult handle so it is comfortable for you to use. It is important to use just a smear of children’s toothpaste-these should have fluoride of at least 1000ppm, and a mild taste.

Brush each tooth and the surrounding gum gently twice a day.

Very young children are not always cooperative-don’t give up!


Good habits

3 to 6 years

By the age of three all of your child’s milk teeth should be through.

At 3 start using a pea size of tooth paste with fluoride of 1350 to 1500ppm. Adult toothpaste may still be too minty, so look at age appropriate children’s toothpaste.

Your child can now start to try brushing their own teeth with your supervision.

It is important that your child starts seeing the dentist regularly now to make sure any potential problems are identified before they develop and to establish a positive relationship with the dental team.

For Life

6yrs onwards

At the age of six adult teeth will start to appear.

Brushing should continue with the right toothpaste for their age and needs to be supervised until at least the age of seven and until you are sure they are doing it correctly.

Avoiding sugary drinks and snacks as the new teeth come through is more important than ever.

We recommend bringing your children as soon as possible to get them used to the dental practice; this is usually between one and two years old.

We have created a very cost effective way to help look after your children’s teeth at our practice:

We do not charge for check-ups and advice until the age of 5.

From age 5 to 16 we recommend Children’s Denplan. For only £6.50 a month this will provide two check-ups a year, one visit to our Hygienist and all the advice your child needs to maintain a healthy mouth. To help prevent fillings we will apply fluoride every visit and protect the molar teeth with a resin sealant.

Your child will also be covered in the event of traumatic injury to their teeth, and emergency care.

From 16 up to 19 years we can offer our reduced fees for children. Alternatively you may wish to pay as you go, or join Denplan care or essentials to continue the excellent preventive package this offers.